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NEW! Terial Magic 16 oz. Bottle
NEW! Terial Magic 16 oz. Bottle
NEW! Terial Magic 16 oz. Bottle
NEW! Terial Magic 16 oz. Bottle
NEW! Terial Magic 16 oz. Bottle

NEW! Terial Magic 16 oz. Bottle

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Terial Magic 16 oz. Bottle
Item #: TA11004

Terial Magic will give you manageability and control of your fabrics.

Imagine a clean, fray-free stable fabric that is non-toxic and can be washed out!

Terial Magic is a unique twist on a traditional fabric stabilizer that is revolutionizing the craft and sewing industry.

Quilters, embroiderers, crafters, and fabric artists use Terial Magic for easier cutting, folding, sewing, and, best of all - creating!

It is uniquely better than traditional stabilizers because it is sprayed on to give fabric paper-like qualities for easy cutting, pressing, and stitching.

It makes treated fabric fray-free and easier to work with.

A natural organic compound that makes almost any fabric more paper-like, stable, but not too stiff to cut or sew

The possibilities from easy embroidery, quilting, appliqué, and use with die-cutting machines are just the start to this revolutionary product:

• T-Shirt Quilting/Quilting — Take the stretch out of knits and bias cuts for perfect piecing and t-shirt quilting ... no need for other stabilizers, wash out Terial Magic to make the fabric soft again!

• Appliqué — Create perfect trimmed edges and raw-edge, fray-free appliqué ... treated fabric cuts will lay flat like paper, and there's no need for other stabilizers ‒ wash out Terial Magic when needed.

• Machine Embroidery — Simply hoop treated fabric to eliminate most puckering ... for woven fabrics, there is no need for other stabilizers and no itch backing or tear aways.

• Inkjet & Laser Printing — Print directly on treated fabric and set with an iron to make the ink permanent ... no need for freezer paper or special photo fabric!

• Machine Cutting — Easily cut treated fabric with die and electronic cutting machines for clean and fray-free edges ... treated fabric will run through machines like paper!

• Fabric Arts & Crafts — Use treated fabric for fabric painting, origami, stamping, scrapbooking, cardmaking, and more ... crafting with fabric adds a unique textured look to would-be papercrafts

A natural product that does not contain starch or sugar like traditional stabilizers and therefore can be left in your fabric for an infinite amount of time without the worry of molding or attracting bugs to your quilts or craft projects.

Made in U.S.A.

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