NEW! Shifting Perspectives Book

NEW! Shifting Perspectives Book

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Shifting Perspectives Book
Item #: 9781571203373

Trim your way to one-of-a-kind quilts!

Art quilting made easy.

Make multiple identical blocks, then trim them into smaller blocks ... but each in a different place to achieve a shifting image.

Shift, trim, and sew — that’s how easy it is to start making art quilts using Lorraine Torrence’s approach.

Choose a contemporary block design, sew a stack of them, and then trim each one to create variations.

Once joined, the blocks form exciting visual effects.

The possibilities are endless — and the results are stunning.  

And don't waste your block trimmings, but use them in the borders!

Features simple-to-use cutting tables.

Multi-View lens included in book pocket.

Color throughout.

96 page soft-cover book

By Lorraine Torrence of Lorraine Torrence Designs.