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Seam Stick
Seam Stick

Seam Stick

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Seam Stick
Item #: SS16

Slides easily into sleeves, pant legs, and other narrow areas when pressing—the curved edge to prevent seam imprints.

Avoids seam imprints when pressing seams open because of its smaller radius — also great for pressing narrow seam allowances open or to one side (like serged seams, welt pockets, bound buttonholes, quilts, etc.)

16" length is long enough to press most seams in one motion without having to be moved up and down the seam.

Flat side can be used as a clapper to set creases and pleats.

Stays in one place on the ironing surface instead of rolling around.

Can be used as a weight to keep slippery fabrics from creeping off the cutting table during pattern layout and cutting.

Aids in pressing slacks—set a long crease by using like a clapper; also use to press seams along inseam and outseam without having the opposite seam to imprint on the other side of the leg.

Control seams of stubborn fabrics by using two Seam Sticks™—press seam over the curved side of one, and then immediately hold the flat side of another on the seam like a clapper to make the seam sharp.

Easy to use: Position the seam over the curved side of the Seam Sticks™ and press the seam open or to one side.  Because the flat soleplate of the iron comes in contact only with the stitching line at the curve of the Seam Sticks™, seam imprints are prevented.  The iron does not touch the edges of the seam allowances, preventing them from creating a ridge on the outside of the garment.

To use as a clapper, fill the garment full of steam and heat where a crease is desired; follow by holding the flat side of the Seam Sticks™ over the same area with pressure for 10 to 15 seconds.  As the wood absorbs the heat and moisture, the fabric cools and dries under this pressure to set a lasting crease.  

When a hard press is not desired and a cushioned surface is needed, slip the Seam Stick™ into a Seam Stick™ Sock, and use as before. (Sock sold separately.)

Lasts a lifetime with proper care.

Stores easily—keyhole groove on flat side allows for convenient hanging.

Size: 16" long.

Durable hardwood.

Includes instructions.

Made in U.S.A.

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