NEW! Pintuck Foot Low Shank
NEW! Pintuck Foot Low Shank

NEW! Pintuck Foot Low Shank

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Pintuck Foot Low Shank
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Sew evenly spaced pintucks quickly and easily.

Features five grooves on the underside of the presser foot to create uniform rows of pintuck.

When sewing multiple pintucks, the underside grooves will evenly guide the pintucks.

Pintucks, or miniature tucked fabric folds, are created as fabric is sewn with a Pintuck Foot and a twin or double needle.

We recommend using a 3mm twin or double needle along with the Pintuck Foot so the formed pintucks fit within the grooves on the underside of the presser foot.

Create decorative embellishments, smocking, and mini-piping.

Best for use with medium-weight fabrics.

Also great for sewing small braids and trim onto fabric.

Works with most sewing machines that use standard low shank feet.

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