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NEW! Tula Pink Swiss Style Angle Tweezers

NEW! Tula Pink Swiss Style Angle Tweezers

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Tula Pink Swiss Style Angle Tweezers

Designed for durability with quality in mind!

The angled tweezer is a necessity for the plucking of unwanted threads and knots from fabric, the bobbin case of your sewing machine, or anytime a clear view and precise grip is required!

Works great as a stiletto too!

Very fine point for precision plucking.

Use the back flat side of the tweezers for picking up crystals metals or stones!

Features easy to pick up and hold ergonomic finger placement with soft textured grips for a firm hold.

These tweezers are hand crafted and forged from the highest quality in German grade steel.

Has a lovely anodized rainbow patina for...well, the aesthetic!

Length: 4-1/2"

Material: Stainless Steel with Rainbow Patina

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