NEW! LTD Quilt Pattern Series - The Three Bears

NEW! LTD Quilt Pattern Series - The Three Bears

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LTD Quilt Pattern Series - The Three Bears
Item #: LTD1420

A variation on the traditional bear paw!

Cindy Hayes's clever take on the traditional Bear Claw will give you many options in design and instructions for sizes ranging from Wall Quilt, 25" x 25", to Lap Quilt - 54" x 54", to Twin Quilt - 60" x 85", to Queen Size - 85" x 85" to King Size - 110" x 110."

The traditional Bear Paw block is interpreted in three sizes, "Baby", "Mama", and "Papa" and stacked on top of one another to make a 12 1/2 " finished block that can be arranged in a multitude of sets.

The blocks are designed in such a manner so that the points of each nested claw are not accidentally cut off.

(NOTE: If you wish to combine a single Three Bear block with other 12" finished blocks trim 1/2" from the two Papa Bear sides for a finished 12" block.)

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