NEW! Exclusive Quilt As You Go Yellow Project Bags Bundle Box
NEW! Exclusive Quilt As You Go Yellow Project Bags Bundle Box
NEW! Exclusive Quilt As You Go Yellow Project Bags Bundle Box
NEW! Exclusive Quilt As You Go Yellow Project Bags Bundle Box

NEW! Exclusive Quilt As You Go Yellow Project Bags Bundle Box

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Exclusive Quilt As You Go Yellow Project Bags Bundle Box
Item #: SIS309QGYPB

Convenient Stitch it! Sisters® Bundle Box includes everything you'll need to make two Zippity-Do-Done Project Bags, including Quilt As You Go pattern printed Utility Fabric, Clear Vinyl, and Zippity-Do-Done™ Zippers from June Tailor®, and Black, White & Bright Fabrics by Benartex Designer Fabrics. 

Exclusive Bundle Box includes June Tailor® Zippity-Do-Done Project Bags Utility Fabric printed with Quilt As You Go patterns for one large and one small bag, Clear Vinyl for bag's pocket windows, and two pre-sewn Zippity-Do-Done™ Zippers — with step-by-step instructions — plus four cuts of Black, White & Bright Fabrics from Benartex Designer Fabrics to make two large quilting/sewing project bags. You'll supply the thread.

Exclusive Convenient Bundle Box contents to make one 18" and one 16" quilting/sewing project bags:
• Printed Quilt As You Go Pattern on Utility Fabric with instructions for easy sew-by-number construction
• 12-Gauge Clear Vinyl for pocket windows
• Two White Zippity-Do-Done™ Zippers
• Four cuts of Black, White & Bright Fabrics

Set of two large project bags, one 16″ square and one 18″ square, can be stitched up in no time with the“sew-by-number” printed Utility Fabric and Zippity-Do-Done™ pre-sewn zippers!

Stitch up two large 18" and 16" quilting/sewing project bags to keep your essentials handy and in view.

Quilt As You Go pattern printed on utility fabric allows you to create completely layered and quilted project bags.

Quilting patterns are printed on polypropylene utility fabric in an easy-to-follow piece-by-number system.

Great for novice quilters just learning the quilting process to experienced quilters looking to complete a quick project.

Easy sew-by-number construction:
1. Cut fabrics.
2. Sew by number, through all layers.
3. When you've completed the numbers you're nearly done.

Polypropylene utility fabric, similar to the fabric used for reusable grocery bags, is lightweight, has no grain so it won't stretch or fray, but is durable.

Finished Sizes:
• Large = 18" x 18"
• Small = 16" x 16"

12-Gauge Clear Vinyl
• Crystal clear viewing

Zippity-Do-Done™ Zippers
• The “Tuck & Sew” zipper solution.
• Zipper and casing all-in-one!
• Casing is pre-sewn to zipper.
• Simply nest fabric between casing layers and sew.
• No zipper foot required.

Black, White & Bright Fabrics
• Bold, colorful, bright and modern. 
• From the Black, White & Bright fabric collection by Christa Watson for Benartex Designer Fabrics.
• 100% Cotton

Fabrics may vary.

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As seen on Stitch it! Sisters® program 309 — Quilt As You Go Project Bags Tutorial Video.


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