NEW! Ceramic Blade Seam Ripper

NEW! Ceramic Blade Seam Ripper

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Ceramic Blade Seam Ripper

Slice® introduces a thin, durable seam ripper with a safer Slice ceramic blade – ideal for removing basting and serger stitches.

With its rounded tip and finger-friendly® edge, the installed blade prevents the accidental cuts and punctures so common with conventional seam rippers.

Because of its 100 percent advanced ceramic material, the blade lasts up to 11 times longer than steel blades, is chemically inert, non-sparking, and never rusts.

The ergonomic design helps reduce hand strain associated with prolonged tool use, and its lanyard hole keeps the tool close by for quick fixes.

Ceramic Blade Seam Ripper smoothly hooks and cuts thread without excessive tugging at surrounding fabric.

Blade has slightly rounded tip and manually retracts with the slide of a button.

Includes one blade.

Note: Not intended to replace a standard seam ripper. 

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