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Metrosene Plus Thread; 164 yd./150m - Bordeaux

Metrosene Plus Thread; 164 yd./150m - Bordeaux

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Metrosene Plus Thread; 164 yd./150m - Bordeaux
Item #: 9161-0109

The universal thread for all fabrics and every seam!

Metrosene® Plus thread has an outstanding elasticity, a silky feel, creates flat seams and is very easy to clean.

This beautiful thread sews everything well — cotton, synthetics, mixed fabrics, linen or silk.

The high tensile strength provides greater seam strength with no thread breakage and high chafe resistance.

Its excellent smoothness and ideal sewability make the universal thread a reliable partner for all your creations.

Color: Bordeaux
2 ply 100% polyester.

30 wt.

Size: 164 yd./150m

Recommended needle: Universal Size 80/12 or 90/14.

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