NEW! Quilters of the Door Novel
NEW! Quilters of the Door Novel

NEW! Quilters of the Door Novel

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Quilters of the Door Novel
Item #: CT16483

Anything might happen in Door County, a unique peninsula in Wisconsin

This first novel of The Door County Quilt Series introduces you to Claire Stewart and her life in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.

Claire Stewart, a new resident of the county, joins a prestigious small quilting club when her best friend moves away.

Claire is a watercolor quilt artist, and the beauty of Door County captivates her right away.

Claire's new friends and her quilt group provide fun, but it's the man with the red scarf who intrigues her.

As she grows more comfortable after escaping a bad relationship, new ideas and surprises abound as friendships, quilting, and her love life all change for the better.

5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

390 pages

Author: Ann Hazelwood

Ann Hazelwood is a former shop owner and native of St. Charles, Missouri. She adores quilting and is a certified quilt appraiser. Ann, who's passionate about writing. is also the author of the Colebridge Community series, East Perry County series ,and Wine Country Quilts series of quilt novels.

Book/Fiction/Mystery & Detective/Cozy/Crafts

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