NEW! Cool Cup - She Who Loves To Quilt

NEW! Cool Cup - She Who Loves To Quilt

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Cool Cup - She Who Loves To Quilt
Item #: CCC127ST

The Quilted Sisterhood!

Calling all quilting sisters! Keep your drinks cold in this 16 oz. cup with a straw.

Such a cute and durable cup from Suzy Toronto Designs.

Sure to look good on any stitcher's table or given as a gift!

On the front " She Loves to Quilt"

On the back:
She Who Loves to Quilt — She loves the kaleidoscope of colors as she pieces her masterful creation. The art of selecting each shape, each color, each value and each design creates the plot. As her fingers run slowly along the fine rows of stitching, she reflects on how quilting is so much more than a hobby or a past time. It is her chosen art form. It is who and what she is. These time honored works of her hands will be her legacy ... each creation telling a story, each one filled stitch-by-stitch, with love, laughter, and joy. She simply loves to quilt.

Durable and long-lasting plastic drinkware. 

16 oz.

Not recommended for microwaves.

Wash all parts in warm soapy water with a cleaner without bleach or chlorine and with a sponge or non-abrasive pad. Not recommended for the dishwasher.