Organ Sewing Machine Needle Value Pack

Organ Sewing Machine Needle Value Pack

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Organ Sewing Machine Needle Value Pack
Item #: OSMNVPK9

Consists of Universal, Denim/Jeans needles, and Super Stretch.

• Universal—Suitable for most woven or knit fabrics. A light ball point is perfect for general sewing applications.

• Denim/Jeans—Ideal for sewing denim, canvas, synthetic leather, and similar dense fabrics. Acute point and stiffened shaft prevent needle flex.

• Super Stretch—Best for sewing general elastics, sportswear fabrics, Power Net, simplex, latex, and lycra.

Use: Numerous wovens and knits.

Assortment includes:
• Universal, Size 60/8—Five needles.
• Universal, Size 70/9—Five needles.
• Universal, Size 100/16—Five needles.
• Universal, Size 110/18—Five needles.
• Denim/Jeans, Size 90/14—Five needles.
• Denim/Jeans, Size 100/16—Five needles.
• Denim/Jeans, Size 110/18—Five needles.
• Super Stretch, Size 75/11—Five needles.
• Super Stretch, Size 90/14 —Five needles.

These flat back needles fit sewing machines that thread from front to back.