White Sof-Shape Interfacing 25 yd. Bolt

White Sof-Shape Interfacing 25 yd. Bolt

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White Sof-Shape Interfacing 25 yd. Bolt
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The almost all-purpose interfacing.

Pellon® Sof-Shape® is a fusible, nonwoven, multi-purpose interfacing for light, gentle support in potholders, suits, sportswear, dresses, and more.

Apparel-luxury fusible—it will permanently hold a garment’s soft, fluid lines and is therefore ideal for fabrics such as flannel, crepe, challis, gabardine, and lightweight wool.  

White in color—perfect for interfacing white, light, and medium-tone fabrics.

Has no grain and can be cut in any direction.

Sewing machine safe.

20" wide.

25 yd. bolt.

100% Polyester.

Includes instructions.

Machine wash warm/tumble dry medium or dry clean.

Made in U.S.A.

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