Silver Lining Insul-Film by the Yard
Silver Lining Insul-Film by the Yard

Silver Lining Insul-Film by the Yard

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Silver Lining Insul-Film
Item #: PL940YD

Provide insulation for hot and cold barrier sewing projects.

The metalized polypropylene of Pellon®'s Silver Lining Insul-Film™ reflects heat or cold back to the source.

It is lightweight and flexible making it perfect for a variety of projects that need temperature control without the bulk of an insulative fleece.

Great for lunch bags, grocery totes, wine totes, ice pouches, window covering, marathon blankets, jackets, gloves, and more.

Insul-Film is not heat proof or fire resistant. We recommend using an extra layer or two of cotton batting, such as Wrap-N-Zap® Batting, between the outer fabric and the Insul-Film for pot holders or heat resistant pads.

Occasional wrinkles do not affect the properties of Silver Lining Insul-Film.

Lightweight temperature control.

Sewing machine safe.

100% Metalized Polypropylene.

20" wide.

Includes instructions.

Made in the U.S.A.

Please note: Do not iron directly on the Silver Lining Insul-Film.