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Reversible T-Shirt Quilt Kit - Navy Sashing

Reversible T-Shirt Quilt Kit - Navy Sashing

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Reversible T-Shirt Quilt Kit - Navy Sashing
Item #: JT1624

Turn treasured t-shirts into a memory quilt.

This new T-Shirt Quilt Kit provides an easy solution for beginners and a quick option for experienced quilters.

Combine t-shirts blocks with your favorite quilt blocks and borders for a one-of-a-kind treasured keepsake.

Includes all the materials to make a reversible t-shirt quilt measuring 44" x 58". Just add 24 t-shirts or quilt blocks!

Join t-shirt blocks with Sash-in-a-Dash™; just tuck blocks in sashing and sew to easily join!

With 12 two-sided blocks, design options are endless.

Incorporate t-shirt backs or quilting fabric in place of t-shirts.

Border smaller than 14-1/2" t-shirt designs with quilting cottons.

Kit includes:
• 24 pre-cut 14-1/2" Fusible Interfacing squares
• 12 pre-cut 14-1/2" batting squares
• Marking/centering T-Shirt Block Template with multiple sizes
• T-Shirt Pressing Cloth, 16" x 16"
• 7-1/2 yd. navy Sash-in-a-Dash
• 6 yd. navy binding
• Easy-to-follow instructions

Fusible Interfacing squares:
• Add stability to fabrics for easier construction and better finished results.
• Interfacing is a medium weight, woven 100% cotton fabric.
• Washable and dry cleanable in finished projects.

Batting squares:
• 80/20 cotton/poly blend

Marking/centering T-Shirt Block Template:
• Center, mark and cut perfect t-shirt blocks for quilts, pillows, and tote bags.
• Perfectly align t-shirt graphics using centering marks on template.
• Four guide sizes to accommodate a wide variety of t-shirt sizes and graphics.
• Marking guides at 11-1/2", 12-1/2", 136-1/2", and 14-1/2"
• Template is made of sturdy, reusable plastic and are designed to be used over, and over again!
• Made in U.S.A

T-Shirt Pressing Cloth:
• Protect t-shirt surfaces during project construction.
• Reduces potential for melting and distortion of t-shirt graphics.
• Protects iron from fusible interfacing residue.
• Lets you see as you press.
• 16" x 16" size to cover large t-shirt graphics and motifs.
• 100% cotton.
• Made in U.S.A.

• Just tuck and sew blocks in sashing to easily join.
• 100% cotton

• 100% cotton

Fabric not included.

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