Yenmet Pearlessence Metallic Thread - Green

Yenmet Pearlessence Metallic Thread - Green

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Yenmet Pearlessence Metallic Thread - Green
Item #: 110-AN6

This pearlessence metallic thread will add a special shimmer to any project!

Embroiders with a glimmer of pearlessence — a mother of pearl look!

Yenmet metallic thread is specifically designed for today's high speed embroidery machines.

It has been developed to run similar to regular embroidery threads at high production speeds without breaking, tangling, or shredding.

Unique construction consisting of a nylon core wrapped in a silver exterior which is dyed and then coated with a polyester pearlessences film provides an incredibly smooth finish and vibrant color sheen.

Iron on low heat.

Color:  Green with a mother of pearl look

546 yd. (500 m) mini cone

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