Clear Transfil Monofilament Thread

Clear Transfil Monofilament Thread

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Transfil Monofilament Thread
Item #: TMT

Use for general sewing or quilting when you don't want the thread to show!

Transfil Monofilament Thread is semi-transparent 100% nylon monofilament thread.

Has a high tensile strength and is easy to work with.

The thread is recommendable for all creations, in which the seam or top stitching should remain invisible.

Perfect sewability as upper and bobbin thread on standard household machines.

1094 yd. spool was created specifically for quilters, so that the thread last long enough for elaborate creations.

Ideal for stitching appliqués, quilting, topstitching, couching, attaching sequins, trims, beads, and more.

Strong, easy to use and a great choice for sewing fabric, leather, canvas, and vinyl.

Can also be used when serging.

Clear, semi-transparent thread is great for light, medium, and bright fabrics.

Color: Clear; semi-transparent.

70 wt./1 ply.

1094 yd. (1000m).

100% Nylon.

Machine wash (60° max temp.)/tumble dry (withstands high heat). Dry cleanable. Bleach as needed.