The Big Jig
The Big Jig
The Big Jig
The Big Jig
The Big Jig

The Big Jig

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The Big Jig
Item #: JJP555

The Big Jig helps machines sew over thick seams.

Conquer broken needles and wonky stitches!

It is used to help level your sewing machine foot to sew over thick seams.

Use this innovative tool to sew over:
• Heavy jean seams and repairs.
• Belt loops and bags.
• Quilt intersections.
• Drapery seams.
• Upholstery.
• Elastics.
• Anything heavy that poses a problem.

Two thicknesses included: Approximately 1/8" and 3/16" (3.2mm and 7.8mm).
• The thinner Big Jig can be used on delicate fabrics and is perfect to use as a button spacer.

• Long stitch area.
• Easy grasp design.
• Hang hole.

Works with any sewing machine.

Basic instructions: When approaching a thick seam, stop with needle down and lift presser foot. Slide Big Jig under the foot from behind up to seam — this will create a level sewing surface. Carefully stitch across thickness and stop with needle down. Move Big Jig to front of seam. Stitch into groove of Big Jig until free of thickness. Stop with needle down, remove Big Jig, and resume sewing.

Made in U.S.A.

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