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Pin 'n Stow
Pin 'n Stow
Pin 'n Stow

Pin 'n Stow

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Pin 'n Stow
Item #: CL9575 9575

Clever pin catcher is easy to use and fast to apply—you'll use this every time you sew.

It's magnetic!

Band easily attaches to wrist with a "slap".

Center groove of magnet makes picking up pins easy.

Securely catches pins when dropped above the magnet.

Easily picks up pins dropped on the floor or on fabric.

Great for sewing, quilting, patchwork, and crafts.

Do not use Pin 'n Stow near magnet sensitive equipment such as televisions, watches, computer monitors, mobile phones, magnetic cards, etc.

Not intended for pins made of stainless and nonferrous metal.

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