NEW! Pastels Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric Pack – 2-Yard Bundle

NEW! Pastels Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric Pack – 2-Yard Bundle

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Pastels Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric Pack – 2-Yard Bundle
Item #: SJKFPKP54

These single knit fabrics are perfect for making two-layer scarves!

Lightweight stretch cotton jersey knit fabric from Riley Blake Designs features a smooth hand and about a 50% four way stretch — for added comfort and ease.

2-Yard Bundle includes four 1/2-yard cuts.

Four colors include Azalea Pink, Coral, Geranium Purple, and Jade Green.

Because knit fabrics look similar on the right and wrong side, place a piece of Sewer's Fix it Tape on the fabric wrong side — on each of the cut pattern pieces. To find the right side of single knit fabric, pull along the crosswise grain — the knit curls to the right side.

95% Cotton/5% Spandex.

2 yd. Pack of four colors, each measuring 18" x 57"/59".

Machine Wash Warm/Cold, Tumble Dry Low or Hang to Dry.

No chlorine bleach.

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