Buttonhole Cutter by Clover
Buttonhole Cutter by Clover

Buttonhole Cutter by Clover

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Buttonhole Cutter by Clover
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Easily cut open buttonholes with this ingenious chisel cutter!

The sharpened chisel edge will cut any width opening when placed over a scrap block of hardwood (such as maple or oak) and pounded gently ... you can also use a wooden kitchen cutting board as a cutting surface.

This steel blade cutter makes the job of opening buttonholes or small cuts on fabrics easy.

After stitching a buttonhole, use this cutter to open it by placing and pressing the blade in between the stitched buttonhole vertically.

For buttonholes smaller than 1/2", drape the sewn buttonhole over the edge of the scrap block of hardwood, and cut half of the button hole at a time.

This cutter is also useful for making small cuts and cutting through curves.

Approximately 1/2" (12 mm) wide blade.

You'll supply the scrap block of hardwood.